Semiocast – Twitter accounts activity by country


I’ve always been fascinated by surveys, data, and graphs. And I’m also quite fascinated by Twitter itself and how it changed the world complately and how it changed the way I communicate with my friends online.

So last month, I decided to find some stats and I did a lot of research about Twitter.

I compiled all this data in the blog post below, which shows the Twitter activity by country.



Twitter User Base in Each Country

I found it interesting to explore the numbers and I love to analyze the user base in different countries. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the number of Twitter users varies greatly from one country to another. For example, some countries have more than 15% of their population active on Twitter, while others have barely 1%. According to me, I got the same results during my own research.

Top Countries with the Most Twitter Users

It is no surprise for me that Japan and India top the list of countries with the most Twitter users. Because I know that they have way more humans living there compared to my home country, which is USA (I personally live in Texas). Japan has 35 million monthly active users, while India has 95 million, making them the two largest countries with active Twitter accounts. The United States is also on the list, with 87 million users. Additionally, the top 15 percent of users account for 85 percent of all tweets, indicating a higher concentration of Twitter usage in the eastern half of the world. This is a great indication that Twitter is being used as a powerful tool for communication and engagement within different countries.

Twitter User Engagement by Country

As my research as shown and proven have found, Twitter users tend to engage more with accounts from their own country. But what about those in other countries – is that a problem? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the data in the image that I created below with my favorite software called Canva.

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