Semiocast – Top Twitter countries with the most Twitter accounts

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Analyzing data from July 1, 2012, Semiocast determined that Twitter had reached 517 million users, with 141.8 million of those coming from the United States. Despite being less than half of Facebook’s total user base, this places Twitter as the second largest social networking site with these impressive stats.

Jakarta, Tokyo, and London are the top three cities for tweets on Twitter. This is due to the majority of Twitter users coming from outside of the United States.

The figures were sourced from 1.058 billion public tweets in the month of June, according to the firm.

Japan is one of the most active users on Twitter, however, its growth is slowing down, similar to the situation in South Korea.

Semiocast’s report does not include statistics on mobile use across various Twitter clients, which would be interesting to observe in comparison and as Twitter encourages users to use its platform to potentially make money.

We don’t know yet how many of the over 500 million accounts are active, but we are investigating and will have an answer shortly.

An additional article will provide new information about the subjects discussed previously.

Other noteworthy Twitter observations include:

Top 10 Twitter countries with the most Twitter accounts

Globally, very few applications (0.77%) use geolocation, even though it has been available for 2.5 years. It appears that people want to focus on expressing themselves more than sharing their location.

The share of Americans who are on Twitter is seeing a decrease. As of the current point in time, 27.4% of its users (down from 28.1% in January 2012) hail from the U.S., making it the largest country for tweeting. Out of all American cities, New York is ranked as number 5 and makes up 0.4% of all tweets across the nation; San Francisco, where Twitter made its home market, has only 0.2%.

Brazil has seen the greatest user growth on social media platforms like Facebook, expanding from 33.3 million to 41.2 million users in just a few months. Nevertheless, Brazil only constitutes 8% of all users and 6.6% of tweets sent out, hinting that users are less active than suggested by the numbers.

Brazil has become the second most populated nation after the US. Even though 6.7% of people are from Brazil, they account for 10.6% of all tweets. Japanese is the second language after English when it comes to profiles.

Semiocast anticipates that Indonesia, with its 29.4 million accounts, will soon take the fourth spot in their rankings, surpassing the United Kingdom which has 32.2 million user accounts. Jakarta, Indonesia’s most active city on Twitter, contributes to its popularity.

According to Semiocast, Arabic is the 6th most widely used language on Twitter and its usage in Saudi Arabia rose 93%, reaching 2.9 million users in 6 months, showing that it is thriving globally.

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