Semiocast – Top Twitter cities that tweet the most


I’ve personally traveled around the world 3 times, but trust me when I can say that I probably “virtually” traveled around the world through Twitter about 700 000 times. I love tweeting and reading tweets, so I compiled statistics about the TopTwitter cities that tweet the most often around the world.

See the results of my personal research below:

New York is the Top U.S. City for Tweets

New York is the top U.S. city for tweets according to Semiocast. It outranks Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and Houston by a considerable margin. Semiocast also found that the top 15 percent of users account for 85 percent of all tweets and the majority of tweets are in English. This means that New York City is a great place to set up shop if you want to reach the largest possible audience on Twitter.

Jakarta is Home to the Most Active Tweeters

Jakarta, Indonesian capital city, is home to the most active “tweeps” and “twitterians” in the world according to a study conducted by Semiocast. This makes Jakarta the top city for tweets in the world, surpassing New York, Tokyo, London, or São Paulo. Not only that, Jakarta is also ranked second in terms of the world’s top cities on Facebook, with Bangkok in first place. Thus, it is safe to say that the people of Jakarta are very active on social media.

San Francisco

San Francisco is the city that started it all; it is the birthplace of Twitter, Inc. and its open API that has made it one of the most popular data sources for researchers. According to Semiocast, San Francisco is still in the top 10 of the most interactive cities. However, compared to New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, it ranks lower at #18. Despite being lower ranked, San Francisco remains a hub for Twitter users, especially those that take advantage of Twitter’s earlybird deals. For instance, Cooper’s Cigar Club has been able to use Twitter to offer tweet-specific deals and discounts for its customers. As such, San Francisco remains an important city in terms of Twitter usage and activity.

The City that Started it All

San Francisco is a city that has made a huge contribution to the world of Twitter. It was in this city that the social media platform was first developed and launched in 2006. Today, it is known as the birthplace of Twitter. But what are the other cities with the most active tweeters? Semiocast has identified New York as the top U.S. city for tweets, outranking Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and Houston. In addition, Jakarta is the most active Twitter city worldwide, with 15 tweets sent per second.


Comparing Twitter Activities Across Cities

By comparing the data gathered, it is easy to see that the top cities for Twitter activity vary in terms of language, population, and size. Jakarta is the city with the most active tweeters, while Tokyo and London follow close behind. In the United States, New York takes the lead while San Francisco and Los Angeles follow close behind. Chile is in the top-20 of countries with most Twitter subscriptions. It is interesting to note that even though English is the most common language used on Twitter, it is not always the dominant language in all of the countries. This shows that Twitter has become a truly global platform for communication, connecting people from all corners of the world.

You can find more information on Semiocast’s homepage.