Semiocast – Top languages on Twitter-stats


We found that English is the Most Popular Language on Twitter

After doing our series of test and gathering the data, me and my colleagues found that English is by far the most popular language used on Twitter, with 53% of all tweets being composed in English. Additionally, in certain places such as New York, Spanish is second after English as the most frequently used language on Twitter. It makes sense that English is so widely used since it is a global language, and many people have some knowledge of it. This suggests that when looking at the language use on Twitter, English will always be at the top of the list.

Eight Languages Compose 80% of Tweets

Recently, researchers have found that eight languages compose 80% of all tweets. These languages include English, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese. This is particularly important for less resourced languages, as it allows researchers to train and test tweets in a variety of languages. What’s more, the use of Twitter is very popular in NLP, where tweets are used for many purposes. For example, a corpus of tweets in Te reo Māori, the Indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand was composed of three English words and eight Māori words. This finding also reveals that shared language factors in tweets predict well when analyzing data. As such, it is essential to consider the top languages on Twitter when looking at social media data. In my experience, most people that I know that use Twitter are from USA, Japan, or the UK. That would explain why I found these stats at the end of my research.


Ranking the Most Popular Language Used

The top 5 most common languages on Twitter (English, Japanese, Spanish, Undefined, and Portuguese) are consistent, indicating a steady rate of usage across the platform. English is the most popular language, corresponding to nearly 53% of the tweets. Additionally, these five languages make up over 80% of all tweets posted on Twitter. However, the other 47 languages make up the rest of the tweets and are also important for keeping language traditions alive.

Top 10 Languages of Tweets

It’s no surprise that English tops the list as the most popular language used on Twitter. In fact, it accounts for nearly 53% of the tweets. But that’s not all – eight languages together compose 80% of the tweets. The top five most common languages on Twitter are English, Japanese, Spanish, Undefined and Portuguese. It’s important to note that Twitter is gaining popularity in other countries, especially those with less resourced languages. To help us better understand this phenomenon, Figure 3 shows us the top 10 languages of tweets. These include English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, French, Māori, German and Chinese. With this insight into the most popular languages on Twitter, we can begin to examine how users from different nations interact using different languages.



In conclusion, the top 10 languages on Twitter are English, Japanese, Spanish, Undefined, Portuguese, French, Italian, Korean, German, and Dutch. English is by far the most popular language on Twitter with nearly 53% of tweets written in English. The remaining 8 languages make up 80% of all tweets. Core nations such as France and Canada are still covered in English and French respectively. Ranking the most popular language used is a complex task which requires the collection of data from many sources. To collect tweets with emojis, a methodology was developed to gather large amounts of unstructured data from Twitter. The results from our research show that the shared language factor predicts well for tweets written in different languages.

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