Semiocast — Doritos most tweeted brand during Super Bowl XLV

photo of a stadium during the Super Bowl with a Doritos logo

Paris, France — February 7, 2011 — Super Bowl XLV was the topic of more than 4.5 millions tweets. Among brands, Doritos was most mentioned, thanks to its commercials, accounting for 80,000 tweets, a significant 1.7% of all conversations about the game. However, Best Buy commercial featuring Justin Bieber generated more reactions, even if messages did not directly mention the brand.

The study was conducted using Semioboard, Semiocast’s new social media monitoring dashboard. As expected, the Super Bowl generated a huge flow of tweets. Between 23:00 and 04:00 UTC, messages from the U.S. accounted for 30.4% of all tweets, a 50% increase from their share the day before. Globally, we registered 25% more tweets than usual, with unprecedented peaks.

Among commercials, the top 3 most mentioned brands and products are Doritos, with 80,000 tweets, Transformers, with 49,000 tweets, and Pepsi which accounted for 47,000 tweets. Reactions to Doritos commercial are extremely positive: 58% of tweets are positive, mainly describing it as funny, while 16% are negative, describing it as repulsive, dumb or pinpointing its cost.

Celebrities appearances in commercials were broadly relayed and commented. Justin Bieber, who starred in Best Buy commercial, generated more than 93,000 tweets and was more mentioned than Best Buy itself (29,000 tweets). 54% of viewers reacted positively to Justin Bieber’s performance while negative messages only represent a mere 4%. Many phrases from the commercial were repeated.

Among the top 5 celebrities, only Justin Bieber appeared in commercials. Usher, who performed with the Black Eyed Peas during the half-time show, was the most mentioned star, with more than 174,000 tweets. Slash, also appearing during the show, accounted for 94,000 tweets. Bieber comes third with 93,000 tweets, followed by Christina Aguilera and Aaron Rodgers, with about 80,000 tweets each.

This research was done by Semiocast.