Semiocast — Asia first Twitter region — U.S. now only quarter of tweets

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Paris, France — July 1st, 2010 — Twitter users in Asia, mainly located in Japan, Indonesia and South Korea, account for 37% of tweets, a Semiocast study of 2.9 million messages has revealed. Asia is now the first and fastest growing region compared to the results published three months ago. The analysis additionally showed that the U.S. now only account for 25% of messages on Twitter, down from 30% in March 2010.
The study was conducted on messages gathered over a period of 24 hours, on June 22nd, 2010, to illustrate the capabilities of Semiocast API. Statistics were obtained by processing user-declared locations with Semiocast’s semantic multilingual tools, as very few tweets are actually geotagged (0.6% compared to 0.5% three months ago).
The figures broken down by regions are: Asia 37% up from 31.5% three months ago, North America 31% down from 36%, South America stable at 15%, Europe 14% down from 15%, Africa 1.5% up from 1%, Oceania stable at 1.5%. This study follows the United Nations statistic division’s classification, and therefore Indonesia is counted in Asia.
Japan is the first Asian Twitter nation, and second worldwide, with 18% of messages worldwide, up from 15% three months ago. These figures confirm Twitter’s sustained popularity in Japan.
Remarkably, Indonesia, with 12% of messages worldwide up from 10%, is the second Twitter nation in Asia, and now the third nation worldwide, overtaking Brazil. South Korea, the third Twitter nation in Asia, now enters the top 10 worldwide countries at the 7th position. More than 2% of messages are sent from South Korea, up from 1% three months ago.
India, the fourth Twitter nation in Asia, represents less than 1% of messages. The United States, where Twitter is headquartered, is still the first Twitter nation worldwide, with 25% of messages, dropping from 30% three months ago.
All these results confirm the necessity of multilingual analytics for Twitter messages.
Semiocast Technology accessible with an API
Semiocast is giving access to its multilingual message processing technology as a webservice, called Semiocast API, available today.
This technology is specialized in the analysis of micro-messages such as tweets and Facebook posts. Semiocast API can be used for example to produce geolocation studies, to compute analytics and to filter timelines and feeds according to the languages understood by end-users.
With the first release of its API, Semiocast explicitely targets dashboard publishers, PR and communication agencies as well as Twitter client developers.
About Semiocast
Semiocast is based in Paris and provides data intelligence and research on the real-time web. Semiocast developed proprietary technologies and tools that index real-time web messages and perform semantic analysis of interactions. Semiocast helps companies measure and evaluate consumer reactions to a campaign or product launch, understand what consumers are saying about their products, services or brands, and engage in real-time conversations on Twitter and Facebook.