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political barometer taken from Twitter in France

Our Twitter political barometer: find the latest results every month on this page.

Find the latest press release on the June 2012 results.

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Indicators of the political barometer found on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok


The rank of each political figure determined from the volume of tweets that mention them.

Last name

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Number of posts mentioning each political figure during the period. The “per day” charts display volume for each day of the month (the leftmost bar represents the first day of the month).


Share of tweets for each category (rejections, criticisms, information exchanges or positives).

More information

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Detailed analysis of social media data from Twitter

A detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of all Twitter conversations on French political figures is available on request.

barometer showing the political situation in France on Twitter


Find a description of the method used by Semiocast to generate the ranking and the results of the political barometer.

About the Semiocast political barometer taken from Twitter

Semiocast produces a monthly barometer of the most mentioned French political personalities on Twitter.

The ranking of the political barometer is based on the number of public tweets that talk about each political figure (from a list of 450 personalities). For the 20 most cited policies, we determine the number of tweets that are positive, critical, that express rejection or that are simple exchanges of information.

This barometer is our latest policy barometer on Twitter. Our first barometer was a daily ranking of the 5 most talked about politicians on Twitter during the 2010 regional elections, which was published by Rue89.

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