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Paris, France — July, 10th 2013 — Semiocast’s latest study reveals Pinterest reached 70 million registered users, among which over 20 million pinned, repinned or liked a pin in June 2013. 79% of these active users are located in the U.S. (71% of all users), but only 55% of new users who registered in June 2013 come from the country, as the social network is trying to enroll users abroad.

Many people ask themselves this question: “Can you see who views your Pinterest?”. Although you, as a user, cannot see this information, here at Semiocast, we use Artifificial intelligence to gather this data for marketing companies.

Semiocast, a startup providing social media KPIs and consumer insights, has analyzed 70 million of Pinterest user profiles, including 69 million created before July 1st 2013 to assess the growth and the internationalization of the social network, especially after Pinterest launched the first non-English localized version of its service in France.

Pinterest experienced an exponential growth which abruptly ended in February 2012 when the social network registered 3.6 million new users in the U.S. alone, a record that has yet to be matched. While Pinterest is still growing at an impressive rate, this growth has been stabilizing for about a year, the study reveals, and has even been slowing down in the U.S., hence the need to expand internationally. In June 2013, 55% of new Pinterest users come from the U.S., and at the current rate, in spite of the massive weight of the U.S. in the total user-base, international users might overcome U.S. users within 18 months.

Canada second country for users, China second for businesses
Pinterest is currently much stronger in North America and English-speaking countries. The U.S., which totals 49 million registered accounts (71% of the total), is followed by Canada, the U.K., Australia and Mexico.

Pinterest launched a campaign to grow its user-base abroad, starting with the U.K. in May 2013 and France in June 2013. In each country, the company invited 300 bloggers to join the network and report on the experience. The campaign is just starting and should extend to new countries, yet for now, it does not seem to yield any significant and sustainable impact on user growth, the study reveals. The average daily number of new accounts from both countries actually slightly decreased between early May and end of June, following a global trend.

Earlier this year, Pinterest created business accounts, a new feature allowing users to take advantage of Pinterest’s new analytics tool, and probably a first step towards a business model for the social network. Anyone can opt in and older accounts can be converted. Yet, many brands did not opt in for this program, as Semiocast estimates that only 60% of fashion brands, which are particularly well represented on Pinterest, converted their accounts. As of July, 1st 2013, half a million accounts have been created or converted. 38% of these business accounts, or about 210K are located in the U.S., and they represent an extremely small share of all accounts in the country. Surprisingly, the second country for business accounts is China: Pinterest has about 320K users in China, but more than 190K of them are registered as business users, representing 35% of global business users. While Pinterest is still not localized in Chinese, the business users from China understood the commercial value of the social network: 8 of the top 10 Pinterest business accounts located in China are e-commerce websites operated from the country and selling to U.S. and European customers.
Over 20 million active users, 79% from the U.S.

Semiocast analyzed a random sample of 2.05 million user profiles to determine the activity rate on the social network. Among users registered before June 2013, 31.8%, or 20.9 million, pinned, repinned or liked an image or a video in June. During the same period, the social network registered 3.7 million new user accounts.

The users in the U.S. proved more active than average: 35% of users registered before June 2013 pinned, repined or liked an image or a video in June. As a result, 79% of all active users come from the U.S. and the strength of the U.S. is likely to last, considering the weight of the country in the user-base.

Pinterest’s activity rate, which may seem very low, is actually higher to what Semiocast analyzed on larger social networks, and especially on Twitter. While fatigue is an expected phenomenon for popular social networks, it seems to affect Pinterest less, as at least more than 50% of users did connect to the service in the past 4 months. The came applies to Colombia. Click here if you would like to learn what are the 5 best Pinterest boards in Colombia.

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