Semiocast – Only 30 percent of messages on Twitter are from the US

Semiocast - Only 30 percent of messages on Twitter are from the US

Only 30% of messages on Twitter are from the U.S. U.S., Japan, Brazil top 3 Twitter nations 

A geolocation study of tweets by Semiocast Paris, France

Users in the United States  account for only thirty percent of all messages on Twitter, a study  of 13.5 million tweets has revealed. The analysis, carried out by  Semiocast, showed that the top 5 countries on Twitter are: the  United States, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. 

The study was conducted on messages gathered over a period of  one week (168 hours), from March 21 to March 28, 2010. Only  0.5% of tweets are geotagged and to establish the share of countries  in Twitter’s message flow, messages were additionally processed  with Semiocast’s semantic multilingual tools to parse the declared  location of users. 

The United States, where Twitter is headquartered, is still the largest  Twitter nation, with 30% of messages worldwide. Yet, its share is  

Location of tweets 

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decreasing, and the strongest growth rate is registered outside the  


United States, as hinted in Semiocast’s previous report on languages  10% used on Twitter. English now accounts for less than 44% of messages  on Twitter, dropping from 50% six weeks ago (Feb. 8). 


Japan is the second largest Twitter nation with 15% of messages  worldwide. This figure reveals Twitter’s sustained popularity in  Japan. Even more significantly, contrary to the United States’  receeding position, Twitter’s growth in Japan is on par with Twitter’s  worldwide growth. Japan is the country where users tweet the most  in the official language (Japanese), with 95% of tweets from Japan  that are in Japanese. 

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U.S.A. Japan Brazil Indonesia U.K. All tweets Geotagged tweets.

Semiocast report about Tweets stats

Country data for Twitter

The third largest Twitter nation is Brazil, with nearly 12% of  messages worldwide, about 6.2 million messages per day. 85% of  tweets in Portugese come from Brazil. 

Twitter’s development strategy in Indonesia, where partnerships  were concluded with two mobile careers, has been successful.  Indonesia ranks fourth with 10% of messages worldwide, about 5  million messages daily. 12% of messages from Indonesia are written  in English. 

The United Kingdom comes fifth with 6% of all messages. Ranks  six to thirteen are held by countries with 1% or more of messages:  Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Venezuela,  South Korea and France. 

Geotagged tweets 

The distribution of geotagged tweets does not mirror the location of  all tweets. 43% of geotagged tweets are sent from the U.S. (vs. 30%)  and 7% from Japan (vs. 15%). The slow adoption (only 0.5% of  tweets are geotagged) and low accessibility of geotagging account  for this discrepancy. 

ÜberTwitter on the BlackBerry is the primary means of geotagging  tweets, with 26% of all geotagged tweets. Foursquare ranks 3rd,  with 13% of all geotagged tweets. Only 1% of geotagged tweets  originate from Twitter’s website, a feature which is only available in  the U.S.

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