How to Unfollow on TikTok (without someone knowing)

How to unfollow on TikTok

Quick Answer

👉 How to unfollow someone: Go to their page and select the ‘person’ icon.

👉 How to unfollow multiple accounts: Go to ‘Profile’ and select ‘Following’.

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How to Unfollow on TikTok?

Here’s how to unfollow on TikTok: Visit their TikTok profile and click on the person icon. Then select ‘unfollow’. This person will NOT know that you unfollowed them, as unfollowing someone does not send them a notification.

How to Unfollow someone on TikTok?

Here’s how to unfollow someone on TikTok: Visit their TikTok account and select the ‘person’ icon. Click ‘unfollow’. Unfollowing someone on TikTok is confidential, so they will not know that you unfollowed them.

How to mass unfollow on TikTok?

Here’s how to mass unfollow on TikTok: Click on your ‘Profile’ page and select ‘Following’ to see your list of followers. Click on the ‘unfollow’ button near each users you want to unfollow, without having to visit each profile one by one.

How to unfollow multiple accounts or unfollow multiple people on my TikTok account?

Here’s how to unfollow multiple people on TikTok: Click on your profile and select ‘Following’. This page contains a list of individuals you are following. You can scroll and unfollow multiple accounts on this page.

How to Unfollow Everyone on TikTok?

Here’s how to to unfollow everyone on TikTok: Click on your ‘Profile’ page and select ‘Following’ to see all your followers. Then, select the ‘unfollow’ option near each user’s profile that you want to unfollow.

What Does Unfollowing Someone Do?

When you follow someone on the TikTok app, their videos appear in the Home tab’s Following section of your profile page. This feature helps you find the latest videos from the users you’re interested in. If you unfollow them, their content won’t appear in that section anymore. However, you can still find them on your For You page or by searching for their account or other users in the search bar of the TikTok app or by using the search icon on the TikTok feed on your account profile.

There are distinctions between following and unfollowing someone. When you follow someone, They will receive a TikTok notify message that will tell them that you added them to your follow list. Conversely, if you instantly unfollow someone when you tap unfollow, they will not receive a notification, and they can only confirm this action by viewing your profile or their list of followers of several accounts to know that you don’t follow anymore and that you successfully unfollowed them. You can easily unfollow someone on TikTok app when you open tiktok follower list on the following page and select block follower option to unfollow people in quick succession from the home feed of your following list as a user’s profile. There are multiple ways to simply follow and block and blocking comment, people, articles, and manage access to your account or site or services in two ways or multiple ways and you’ll get notified on Android and iOS by a message or icon.

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Can You Remove Followers on TikTok?

On social media platforms, it is possible for individuals to follow your account without being reciprocated. Removing someone from your list does not guarantee that they will not re-add you. However, it is possible to prevent this by removing them from your list.

To remove a follower on your profile, go to the Followers section, use the three-dot menu next to the user, and select Remove this follower. It’s a simple process that differs from removing people you follow.

To prevent someone from following you indefinitely, utilize the Block button located in the three-dot menu at the upper right of their profile.

If the list of accounts you’re following on TikTok has disappeared, it’s possible that it’s a technical issue with the app. Try closing and reopening it, and check if there’s an available update.

If you notice that your Following list has disappeared on TikTok, it may be due to a glitch on the app’s end. To fix this issue, try closing and reopening the app, and check for any available updates.

TikTok does not send a notification when someone unfollows a user. The only way for a user to know is if they notice the follower’s name is not on their list or their follower count decreases.

Today, I showed you how to unfollow someone on TikTok (without them knowing).

I also showed you how to unfollow multiple profiles FAST.

These instructions work on iOS phones and Android phones.