How to make a Playlist on TikTok? (Create Playlists)

How to make a Playlist on TikTok?

Quick Answer

How to make a TikTok playlist: Open a video. Tap the 3-dots icon. Tap ‘Add to Playlist’.

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How to make a Playlist on TikTok?

Here’s how to make a playlist on TikTok:

  1. Go to the video that you want to add to a playlist
  2. Tap the three-dot icon (on the right of the video)
  3. Tap ‘Add to playlist’
  4. Tap ‘Create a playlist’
  5. Name your TikTok playlist and add videos

How to make a TikTok playlist from your profile?

To begin, access your app and select the Profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To organize your clips into play lists, click on the ” Tap Sort videos into playlists” option in the Video tab for your first playlist. For subsequent play lists, select the plus icon next to your existing playlist.

After initiating the process, you will be prompted to provide a title for your playlist and proceed with selecting your preferred videos.

How to create a playlist on TikTok directly from a video?

To add a video to your playlist, select a public video and click the three-dot icon on the right or hold down the video.

To create a new playlist, select “Add to playlist” and then tap “Create playlist.”

Afterwards, there will be a prompt to name your playlist and add additional videos.

When publishing a video on TikTok, it is possible to add it directly to a playlist. On the Post screen, select “Add to playlist” and choose the desired playlist before posting the video.

How to make playlists on TikTok?

Here’s how to make playlists on TikTok:

  1. Open the video that you want to add to a TikTok playlist
  2. Press the three-dot icon (on the right of the video)
  3. Press ‘Add to playlist’
  4. Press ‘Create a playlist’
  5. Name your playlist and add videos

How many followers do you need to make a playlist on TikTok?

Here’s how many followers you do need to make a playlist on TikTok: You need at least 10 000 followers to make TikTok playlists. If you have less than ten thousand followers, you can’t make playlists.

What is a TikTok playlist?

The TikTok play lists feature allows creators to arrange their videos into play lists, making it convenient for viewers to watch related content, series, or storylines.

On your profile, play lists are located above your regularly published or pinned videos, as demonstrated in the accompanying photo.

TikTok play lists share similarities with IGTV series, making them easy to navigate for those familiar with IGTV.

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Why make a TikTok playlists?

Optimizing the accessibility and appeal of your content is essential to achieving viral success, which can be achieved through a combination of easy consumption and engaging, relatable, humorous videos.

TikTok playlists facilitate the viewing of videos and provide an easy way to binge your feed. When a video is liked in a playlist, a similar one is queued up next.

Play lists can be utilized by brands to share product tutorials or explanations and ensure viewers are following them in the correct sequence. By creating a TikTok play list, these how-to videos will be easily accessible and discoverable for the audience of your playlist or of your video.

Additional options for creating TikTok content and creator playlists that are simple to execute your video ideas. It’s a great option to have and makes this app even better and more flexible to use.

How to get the TikTok playlist feature to create playlists in the videos tab?

The TikTok play list feature is limited to select creators who can add playlists to their profiles.

To determine if you have access to creating play lists in the Video tab on your profile, it indicates membership to the club.

At that point, readers can revisit this article and create their own TikTok playlists to create playlists in the videos tab of your video or playlist where you can tap delete on your video.

Creator playlists and existing playlists of public videos on the videos tab can help you add, sort videos into playlists with the creator playlist feature on TikTok which can make video playlists and allow people to add videos which are public videos when they create a playlist option by tapping the three dot icon on the post screen of public videos tab to create a playlist directly or to create a playlist directly on the TikTok app to group public videos on the TikTok app with a creator playlist or multiple creator playlists on your video on your playlist.

Tap manage videos and tap add plus icon to create one playlist with more than one video or new videos or a recent video directly on the tiktok app with the best videos where you can find more videos of certain creators and add public videos with the option to consume content of a different playlist and tap delete on more videos with the playlist feature on tiktok to add public videos to your playlist (or multiple TikTok playlists) on the TikTok app to promote your video.

Recent studies suggest that incorporating TikTok playlists can increase user engagement.

This is how to make a play list on the TikTok app or multiple TikTok playlists with your latest video.