Social media intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, we extract meaningful consumer insights from social media conversations. We call this Social Media Intelligence.

Social Media Intelligence supports a wide range of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic. Its applications cover communication (offline and online), HR management, continual improvement process, marketing and product design.

Venn diagram with AI, Social Media and Consumer Insights

Artificial intelligence

Semiocast was founded by Ph.Ds in Artificial Intelligence. We do machine learning (deep learning, support vector machines, bayesian models...), natural language processing (sentiment analysis, word-sense disambiguation, named entity recognition...), computer vision (logo and object recognition, visual search...), and cluster analysis.

Artificial intelligence allows us to process huge amount of data within acceptable deadlines.


Social media

Consumers and citizens post billions of messages, pictures and videos online every day. Founded in 2009, Semiocast was one of the first companies to analyze tweets and publish industry acclaimed studies on Twitter usage worldwide.

For each of our client project, we analyze the most relevant public conversations on the web, whether on forums, social networks or online media. Each project usually involves a text corpus larger than Wikipedia.

Social Media Cruncher

Consumer insights

Consumer insights are the reason why we process data. We focus on identifying consumers' expectations about, and experiences with products and services provided by brands we work with, as well as by their competition.

Our research sheds light on recommendation mechanisms, purchase drivers and deal breakers.


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