A new approach to consulting

To work with you on your strategic or tactic stakes, we design quantitative, objective and tailored indicators by analyzing digital conversations and profiles. Our approach can be applied to marketing, communication as well as product design.

As an independant consulting boutique, we provide neutral assessment and recommendations.


Social graph

Whether your business is business or customer oriented, whatever your industry, a majority of your clients have a digital footprint. We statistically and systematically analyze every traces, every visible connection to reveal affinities, habits, stakes, concerns, links and influences.

Graphe social

Physical and digital touch points

Digital footprints reveal the physical world. We helped clients with improving a customer journey, improving media relations or optimizing a presence within professional fairs. We analyze the most engaging touch points, physical and digital.



To synthesize the diversity of your targets, we define ideal-types based on their stakes and needs. Indicators are computed for every type to serve differentiated and optimized strategies.


Artificial intelligence

Our offer is drawing from a pragmatic usage of artificial intelligence. Semiocast was founded by PhDs in AI. Our toolbox includes machine learning, natural language processing as well as computer vision techniques.


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