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Doritos Super Bowl XLV on Twitter

The 2023 Super Bowl XLV was one of the most memorable in recent history, not only for its impressive commercials but also because Doritos emerged as the most tweeted brand during the game. But how did they manage to capture so much attention? Understanding and analyzing Doritos’ successful campaign can provide insights into social media marketing strategies that could be applied to any business. This blog post will explore what made this campaign a success by looking at their creative approach, measuring its effectiveness and discussing lessons learned from it. So buckle up – we’re about to dive deep into why Doritos became the most tweeted brand during Super Bowl XLV.

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Doritos Most Tweeted Brand During Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV was a highly anticipated event in 2011, and it proved to be one of the most successful Super Bowls ever. Doritos, an American snack food brand owned by Frito-Lay, took advantage of this opportunity to promote their products through social media.

Overview of the Event

The 2011 Super Bowl featured two teams from Texas – the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers – which made it even more exciting for Texans. The game was watched by 111 million viewers worldwide and generated over 4 million tweets during its broadcast. This made it one of the most tweeted events in history at that time.

Doritos’ Social Media Presence

Doritos used Twitter as their primary platform for promotion during this event. They created several hashtags such as #crashthesuperbowl and #doritostimeout which were widely shared on Twitter throughout the game’s broadcast. Additionally, they ran several contests where fans could win prizes if they tweeted about their favorite Doritos flavors or shared pictures with them on Instagram or Facebook using these hashtags.

The Impact of the Campaign

This campaign had a huge impact on Doritos’ sales numbers following Super Bowl XLV; according to reports, sales increased by 8% compared to previous years due to this campaign alone. Furthermore, Doritos became one of the most talked about brands during that year’s Super Bowl with nearly 1/3rd (32%) of all tweets being related to them – making them easily become “the most tweeted brand” during that year’s big game.

Doritos’ successful social media campaign during Super Bowl XLV demonstrates the power of leveraging social media for marketing and advertising. Now let’s take a look at understanding the power of social media and how to use it effectively.

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Understanding the Power of Social Media

What is Social Media?

Social media is an online platform that allows users to interact with each other and share content. It includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more. These platforms allow people to connect with one another in a variety of ways including messaging, posting photos and videos, creating groups or pages for businesses or organizations and much more.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Using social media for marketing can be a great way to reach potential customers. It provides businesses the opportunity to create relationships with their target audience by engaging them through posts, comments and conversations. Additionally it can help build brand awareness by increasing visibility on search engines like Google or Bing as well as allowing companies to track user engagement which helps inform future decisions about campaigns or strategies.

How to Leverage Social Media for Your Business

To get the most out of your social media presence, there are several steps you should take. First, identify who your target audience is so you know where they’re spending time online. Then create content that resonates with them and post regularly but don’t overdo it. Utilize analytics tools such as Hootsuite Insights or Sprout Social Analytics to measure success. Engage directly with followers through comments/messages when appropriate and experiment with different types of content (e.g., video) in order to find what works best for your business goals.

Understanding the power of social media can be a great asset to any business, and Doritos proved that with their Super Bowl XLV campaign. Now let’s take a closer look at how they used this powerful tool to create such an impactful marketing strategy.

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Analyzing Doritos’ Super Bowl XLV Campaign

Doritos’ Super Bowl XLV campaign was an example of a successful social media marketing strategy. Pre-game, Doritos used several tactics to engage their audience and create buzz around the brand. They launched an online contest that allowed fans to submit their own 30-second commercials for the chance to win $1 million dollars and have it aired during the game. This generated a lot of interest from both consumers and potential advertisers alike, as well as increased visibility for Doritos on various social media platforms.

During-game strategies included leveraging existing relationships with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, who tweeted about his favorite commercial featuring him in it during halftime. Additionally, they created hashtags related to each commercial so viewers could easily find them on Twitter or Instagram while watching the game.

Post-game strategies focused on capitalizing on all of the positive press coverage surrounding their ads by creating additional content related to them including behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with those involved in making them. They also ran contests where people could vote for their favorite ad which helped keep engagement high even after the big game had ended.

Overall, Doritos’ Super Bowl XLV campaign was a great example of how effective social media can be when done correctly. Engaging customers before, during and after an event through creative campaigns that generate buzz around your brand or product without breaking the budget is key to success.

Doritos’ Super Bowl XLV campaign was an impressive example of how to effectively use social media for marketing. It is now important to measure the success of this campaign, which will be done by examining both quantitative and qualitative metrics.

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Measuring the Success of Doritos’ Campaign

Quantitative Metrics Used to Measure Success:

Quantitative metrics are used to measure the success of a campaign in terms of numbers. These metrics include reach, impressions, engagement rate, click-through rate (CTR), and conversions. Reach is the total number of people who have seen your post or ad. Impressions refer to how many times an ad has been viewed by users. Engagement rate measures how often people interact with your content such as likes, comments, shares etc. CTR measures the percentage of people who clicked on a link from your post or ad out of all those who saw it. Finally, conversions measure how many people took action after seeing an advertisement such as making a purchase or signing up for something.

Doritos’ success in the Super Bowl XLV campaign demonstrates that an effective social media strategy, engaging with your audience, and maximizing reach and exposure can help brands achieve their goals. Next we will discuss some of the lessons learned from Doritos’ successful campaign.

Key Takeaway: Successful campaigns should be measured using quantitative metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement rate, CTR and conversions. This will help determine how effective a campaign is in terms of user engagement and conversions.

Lessons Learned from Doritos’ Super Bowl XLV Campaign

How to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

Creating a successful social media strategy is key for any business looking to capitalize on the power of social media. Doritos’ Super Bowl XLV campaign was no exception. The brand created a multi-faceted approach that included pre-game, during-game, and post-game strategies and tactics in order to maximize their reach and exposure. Pre-game strategies included creating hype around the commercial by releasing teasers leading up to the game, as well as partnering with influencers who shared content about the ad across their own channels. During the game itself, Doritos ran several commercials featuring fan submissions from its “Crash The Super Bowl” contest. Post-game strategies focused on capitalizing on all of the buzz generated by its ads during the game by continuing conversations online through followup posts and engaging with fans directly via Twitter using relevant hashtags like #crashthesuperbowl or #doritos .

How to Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is essential when it comes to leveraging social media for your business. Doritos did this successfully throughout their Super Bowl XLV campaign by encouraging user participation through contests such as “Crash The Super Bowl” which allowed fans to submit their own commercial ideas for consideration in one of Dorito’s official spots during the big game. This not only increased engagement but also gave people an incentive to share content related to Doritos across multiple platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., resulting in more exposure for both them and their product line overall. Additionally, they used Twitter effectively after each commercial aired during halftime by responding directly to tweets from viewers expressing either positive or negative feedback regarding specific ads; something that can be beneficial regardless of whether you’re running a large scale marketing campaign or simply trying build relationships with customers online over time.

How To Maximize Reach And Exposure

Key Takeaway: Doritos maximized reach and exposure during Super Bowl XLV by: 1. Releasing teasers leading up to the game 2. Partnering with influencers 3. Running multiple commercials featuring fan submissions 4. Continuing conversations online through followup posts and engaging with fans directly via Twitter using relevant hashtags 5. Encouraging user participation through contests such as “Crash The Super Bowl”

FAQs in Relation to Doritos Most Tweeted Brand During Super Bowl Xlv

Why was the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl campaign successful?

The Doritos Crash the Super Bowl campaign was successful due to its innovative approach. It allowed fans to create their own commercial and submit it for a chance to have it aired during the Super Bowl. This gave people an opportunity to be creative, engage with the brand, and potentially get their work seen by millions of viewers. Additionally, Doritos leveraged social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter in order to spread awareness about the competition which further amplified engagement with potential participants. The combination of creativity, user-generated content, and social media promotion resulted in a successful campaign that resonated with consumers around the world.

Does Doritos sponsor the Super Bowl?

No, Doritos does not sponsor the Super Bowl. While they have been a major advertiser in past years, their parent company PepsiCo has shifted its focus to other brands for this year’s event. Instead of Doritos, PepsiCo will be featuring Mountain Dew and Pepsi Zero Sugar during the game. The company also plans to run ads from its other snack brands such as Cheetos and Ruffles. This shift in strategy is part of an effort by PepsiCo to create more diverse marketing campaigns that appeal to a wider range of consumers.

Who was in the Dorito commercial for the Super Bowl?

The Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl in 2023 featured actor Sam Elliott. He was seen walking through a desert landscape, carrying a bag of chips and singing “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. The commercial ended with him taking a bite out of one of the chips and saying, “Yee-haw.” Elliott is an American actor known for his roles in films such as The Big Lebowski, Tombstone, and A Star Is Born. He has also appeared in television shows like Grace & Frankie and Parks & Recreation. Elliott’s iconic voice and presence made him the perfect choice for this memorable commercial.

Was there a Doritos commercial in the Super Bowl 2023?

No, there was not a Doritos commercial in Super Bowl 2023. This year’s Super Bowl featured commercials from major brands such as M&Ms, Pepsi, and Budweiser. However, Doritos did not have any advertisements during the big game this year. It is possible that they may return to the Super Bowl in future years with an exciting new commercial for their fans to enjoy.


In conclusion, Doritos was the most tweeted brand during Super Bowl XLV. This is a testament to the power of social media and its ability to reach millions of people in an instant. By analyzing Doritos’ Super Bowl XLV campaign, we can see that they had a well-thought out strategy that included creative visuals and clever messaging. Measuring the success of their campaign showed us just how effective it was in engaging with consumers on Twitter. Ultimately, this case study serves as an example for other brands looking to make an impact through social media marketing campaigns – understanding your audience and creating content tailored to them are key components for success.

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