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About Semiocast:

Semiocast is a company based in Paris, France, providing data intelligence and research on social media. Semiocast helps its clients measure and evaluate reactions of consumers to a campaign or product launch, to understand buzzes and what consumers are saying about their products, services and brands within social media conversations.

Semiocast is a provider of consumer insight and brand management solutions, tailored to cope with the challenges of the real-time web.

We enable companies to tap into the potential of the real-time web to build their businesses and bottom lines, be it by helping brands to measure, understand and leverage real-time web conversations, to extend customer care to the real-time web or to convert consumers talking about them or their products into customers. We deliver to our customers high-value insights and solutions thanks to our proprietary technology, real-time web experience and expertise in collective behaviors.

Semiocast is headquartered in Paris, France and was founded in 2009.

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