Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In order to process the thousands or millions of messages in a timely fashion, we make use of Artificial intelligence (AI). We make our machines smarter so they help us deliver.

Patented technology

We are always curious to try out new methods and approaches to problem solving to keep our customers happy. We end up inventing new methods and systems, and file patent applications accordingly.

Truly scientific

Our algorithms are calibrated for each purpose, we measure the precision of results with statistical methods and we make sure our numbers are meaningful. Did we mention our Ph.Ds read scientific articles for breakfast?


Since the inception we made sure our algorithms could read any language and everyone. You would be surprised by the many languages your consumers use to talk about you.



We have built our own platform, which is connected to the main real-time networks (Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Plurk…) and it operates 24/7.

Language identification

Our language identification tool is able to determine the language used in a short message among 61 languages.

Location identification

Our machines are capable of identifying the location of the source of a message or a location mentioned in a short text.

Polysemy analysis

Many words are polysemic, especially when they exist in different languages. Our algorithms take care of sorting out whether a message mentioning your keyword actually deals with it or whether is has another meaning.

Sentiment analysis

Mood is so human and messages on real-time web are quite expressive, so we taught our machines to understand the sentiment expressed in messages. Of course, it works in any language, including non-latin.

Semantic analysis

Our robots are able to organize heaps of messages according to their topics and organize them hierarchically.