Our vision

Semiocast helps clients measure, understand and engage in real-time web conversations, happening today on Twitter and on Facebook.

We believe that conversations that matter are those millions of micro-conversations about brands and products happening between consumers every day.

We have developed an innovative approach and technology to leverage the content of these micro-conversations.


Assess conversations about your brand according to volume, audience, languages, mood, user profiles, message types… for each key topic inspired by your brand.



Develop your first-hand knowledge about what consumers know and like about your brand, get a better understanding of brand awareness and discover what consumers spontaneously associate with your brand.

Products & services

Optimize your product or service mix by analyzing what consumers spontaneously say about your products and services and the way they say it.


Improve your communication by getting direct and real time feedback from consumers and opinion-makers about your communication efforts, what they like, what stands out for them, how your initiatives have changed their perception of your brand...

Customer satisfaction

Strengthen customer satisfaction thanks to real-time access to customer feeling about your brand and products on the real-time web.

Opinions & politics

Extend your understanding of social issues and politics by taking into account what is happening on the real-time web.


Crisis management

Get prepared, detect and analyze crises in real-time. Learn how to prevent and contain bad buzz. Detect in everyday conversations the topics that generate negative comments, define alerts and prepare answers.

Community management

Using insights from consumer discussions, build a community around your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and develop a communication channel to interact with your consumers.


Optimize your campaigns and take advantage of real-time web converstaions to understand the evolution of your sales and improve your marketing strategy.