French politicians on Twitter

Our monthly ranking of major French politicians based on the volume of tweets mentioning them.

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Indicators of our political barometer





The rank of each politician according to the volume of tweets mentioning them.

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Number of messages mentionning each politician during the period. The per day charts display the volume for each day of the month (leftmost bar representing the first day).

Share of messages of each mood categories (from rejections, criticisms, neutral to positive).

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A quantitative and qualitative analysis of Twitter conversations about French politicians (in French) is available upon order.

Read about the method used to produce the political barometerrankings and results.

About this political barometer

Semiocast ranks every months french politicians mentions on Twitter.

The political bartometer's ranking is based on the number of public tweets that mention each politician (among a list of 450 politicians) and for the first 20 politicians, we determine how many tweets are positive, neutral, criticisms or rejections.

This barometer is our latest ranking of French politicians. We produced a daily ranking of the top 5 politicians during the 2010 French regional elections that was published by Rue89 online news site.